Steven Ingman

Steven graduated in 2007 with a BA degree in Fine Art. He specialises in painting and in particular using oil.

He has two pieces in the show, Rooftops, Lincoln £595 (above)and Avondale Street £450 both oil on canvas.

Ruth Templeton

Born in Worksop in Nottinghamshire Ruth has exhibited work since 1972 in various venues enclosing St Botoy London, Leeds Playhouse Gallery and St Mary’s Church Nottingham. An Imaginative artist with a love of symbolism and myth. Ruth agrees with the statement by Nikolaus Berdyaev that “The whole meaning, importance and value of life are determined by the mystery behind it, by an infinity which cannot be rationalised, but can only be expressed in myths and symbols.”

Ruths work has been published in ‘In her Minds Eye” by Pyramid Press and has won numerous awards for her work including and award for painting ‘The Little Prince’ in mandala form from Angel Row Library in ‘99.

The work featuring in this exhibition includes two pieces inspired by greek mythology and two inspired by the life and works of DH Lawrence. Ruth uses mixed media with free and experimental techniques or drawing and mark-making to create vibrant and thought provoking artwork.

Ruth lives and works in Nottingham and is married to Homeopath Wynford Lloyd Thomas.

Jessie Chambers, watercolour collage on paper, framed, 40 x 40cm £75 (above)
Medusa and the Swan, watercolour collage on paper, framed, 42 x 52cm £75
Lady Ottiline Morrell, watercolour collage on paper, framed, 47 x 57cm £75
Leda and the Swan, watercolour collage on paper, framed, 48 x 58cm £75 SOLD

Hannah Bullen

As a textile designer, Hannah has developed a range of distinctive fabrics inspired by structure and constructed formations. Her level of risk- taking and use of multi-media have produced innovative, visually exciting and distinctive tactile designs. She has developed a unique way of working off the loom, hand construction to create woven pieces. This allows her work to seamlessly flow where otherwise be constricted if I chose to work on-loom and questions the approach to the traditional concept of weaving. She loves exploring and altering the copper mesh and copper sheet, whether is it is embossing or colouration. Her woven techniques are simple but the choice of material and combination of different manipulations excel once put together. The combination of the textures of the mesh and the copper sheet produce a beautiful contrasting effect, especially when the pieces have light reflecting off them. Her experimentation with metallics continues to break boundaries in the interior market. These three pieces are part of a larger collection.

Untitled 1, Hand-woven patination punched off loom weave, 36 x 76cm £150(above)
Untitled 2, Hand-woven copper mesh off loom weave, 36 x 76cm £125
Untitled 3 Hand-woven embossed waffle effect patination, off loom weave, 36 x 76cm £150

Charlotte Thomson

Charlotte Thomson is a Nottingham based artist & illustrator well known for creating art and design for the UK burlesque scene. She specialises in creating evocative images of the female form, especially portraiture, & is highly influenced by the fashions of eras such as the 1940s & 50s & the ‘Belle Epoch’.

Charlotte is also known for her exhibition organisation with a year spent as gallery coordinator at View from the Top Gallery and ongoing projects such as 'Ooh La La!' and 'Danse Macabre'.

Charlotte's work has been exhibited internationally and has been featured in publications such as Scarlet Magazine, Artists & Illustrators Magazine and 'All Allure' a book of contemporary erotic art.

Charlotte Thomson's website

Make Up Mirror, charcoal & mixed media on paper 56 x 75 £150
Waiting, charcoal & mixed media on paper 56 x 75 £150 (above)

Jonathan Kipps

Using layers of oil and acrylic paint Jonathan explore techniques in which paint can flow over canvas or be washed away with very little control from my own hand. Jonathan studies the relationship between traditional brushwork techniques and the natural flow of colour. He tries to produce work that has a level of ambiguity and the hardest thing to realise is when his work is finished.

Drip Painting No. 4, Oil & acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm £225(above)

Rob Parker

The three images are taken from a body of work that focuses on forgotten spaces and time passing. Dungeness is on the southeast coast of England, which protrudes out into the seas on a spit of land. The area is dominated by a vast nuclear power station, which is surrounded by watchtowers and barbed wire. In the shadow of the power plans, strung out along the track, stands a community of old fishing shacks. The remnants of busy fishing community are littered along the shore like a drift wood, fishing boats lay like dying carcasses with bones exposed to the harsh elements. The area has a profoundly quiet atmosphere almost deafening. It is like no other place I have ever witnessed.

Untitled 2, photographic print on canvas - 40 x 30cm, £75-SOLD
Untitled 3, photographic print on canvas - 40 x 30cm, £75-SOLD
Untitled 1, photographic print on canvas - 40 x 30cm, £75(above)

Nicholas Wright

The works in this series by Nicholas Wright convern the television as icon. The artist uses the iconic ideal of television to subvert its own cause.
See his blog for more details

Blue Metropolis, Indian Ink & watercolour on board, 71 x 101cm £250
Surfing(channel 2), Acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas, 76 x 101cm £250
Surfing(channel 1), Acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas, 76 x 101cm £250
Surfing(channel 3), Acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas, 69 x 74cm £250(above)